Life in Lape Haven
Life in Lape Haven: Write 31 Days - Jamie and the Candy. We are to live our lives to please God, not the other way around.

Jamie and the Candy

For today’s “Quote from My Children,” I’m bending my meaning of “my children” a bit. I don’t have a child named Jamie, but several years ago, our church team and I taught a little boy named Jamie, along with dozens of other children who...

Life in Lape Haven: Write 31 Days - Elijah and Heaven. Elijah's conversation about meeting friends in Heaven.

Elijah and Heaven

The summer Elijah turned three, our family mourned the passing of both my paternal grandmother and Brad’s maternal grandfather. Elijah knew that they had both dealt with illness and poor health for quite a while, and we had been to visit them...

Life in Lape Haven: Write 31 Days - Elijah and the Ensemble. Let's just be real and honest

Elijah and the Ensemble

As I’ve already mentioned this past week, Elijah and nap time/quiet time stopped getting along quite a while ago. Quiet Time was instituted when it became very clear that getting him to actually nap every single day was just a happy memory. His...