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Life in Lape Haven: About Me collage

Hey! I’m Kishona Lape (They’re pronounced “kĭ-shawna” and “lāpe,” in case you’re wondering). I pour all my heart into creating a happy, Christ-centered home and haven for my sweet and nerdy hubby, our three little ninjas (or super heroes or Jedis…it depends on the day), and our rather large Labradoodle. I dabble in photography, concoct in the kitchen, find new ways to keep my busy, curious boys out of trouble, celebrate classic movies (especially musicals), read myself to sleep at nights (Christian historical fiction is my go-to), dance whenever I want to, and depend upon God’s presence, grace, guidance, wisdom, and joy every day.



All my life, I’ve dreamed of writing and enjoyed exploring the power of words. When I was younger, I was inspired by books and heroines such as Jo March in Alcott’s Little Women, and I spent hours scribbling out stories, imagining that one day, I would be an author (I have numerous notebooks and folders stashed away with partially-amusing, totally-embarrassing childhood attempts at storytelling, which I intend to keep stashed away).

As I grew up, however, reality, life, and other dreams took over, including the dream dearest to my heart. More than anything, even writing, I always knew that God had called me to be a stay-at-home wife and mommy. Even though becoming an award-winning author has yet to happen (Hey, we never know everything that God has planned), I’m living my biggest dream every day.

And while I’m doing what love, I’ve realized that not every day can be as idealistic as we’d like or plan. Some days are frustrating. Some days are hilarious. Some days are so frustrating that they become hilarious…in hindsight.

But those kinds of days make great memories, life lessons, and stories.

And suddenly, that story that I’ve always felt was inside waiting to be told turns out to be, simply, my story. Hopefully you can relate and be encouraged as you read along.

So, here it is. Me. Us. Our life in our little Lape haven.


Photos courtesy of Picture Bliss Photography.