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My Boys and the Giggles

Life in Lape Haven: Write 31 Days - My Boys and the Giggles. A joyful conclusion to a challenging 31-day writing challenge.

One of the most amazing sounds to a new parent’s ears is their baby’s first laugh. It’s is like nothing else. In that moment, your child’s individual personality really begins to show.

As your children grow, their chuckles, giggles, and chortles become the music of your home, delighting everyone who hears it (well, except for when they are doing something they aren’t supposed to be…).

So, for my last day of the Write 31 Day challenge and the last entry for my series “Out of the Mouth of Babes: 31 Quotes from My Children,” I’ve decided to end with more than a quote.

Today you get a small sampling of the beautiful, unquotable symphony of my children’s laughter.


Elijah and the Amusing Broom

With a seven-month-old keeping me busy, it was after Christmas by more than a month when I finally got around to taking down the tree and decorations after Elijah’s first Christmas. I was cleaning up the pine needles that fell off the tree when Elijah became rather amused by the broom.


Josiah and His Silly Brother

Sometimes all you need is a funny sibling to make the day hilarious. It’s so nice when they can entertain each other.


My Boys and the Air Conditioning

This little game was invented by my mother when she was babysitting my nephews. After hearing about it, I decided to let the boys try it out.

All you need are tiny pieces of tissues and a running air vent, and you have a recipe for fun for as long as the air is running.


Thank you so much for joining me on this month-long adventure through all the funny, encouraging, and amazingly wise things my children have said. I pray that you have been challenged, inspired, and delighted every day and that God has ministered to you in some way through at least one of our stories.

It has definitely been a challenge to have something ready to post every day, but I have enjoyed it and am rather proud of myself for sticking with it and managing to share something each day without fail.

Thank you for reading along and encouraging me. Your visits, comments, and shares have helped keep me inspired to continue.

In writing my posts over the last month for the Write 31 Days challenge, I began to see a recurring theme. Most of the things my boys have said have pointed me over and over again to trusting God with a childlike faith.

People might say that having childlike faith is easy for a child (it’s in the description). Apparently, they think that since adults have seen “real” life, it’s okay to become hardened and cynical, seeing the negative much quicker than the positive. Trusting God is a “nice” idea, and it’s cute for those innocent little ones. It’s not “real” life for many grown ones.

However, I would argue that if Jesus did not expect us to have a childlike faith beyond childhood (and know it was possible), He wouldn’t have told us “For the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like these children. I tell you the truth, anyone who doesn’t receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it.” (Mark 10: 13-15)

Over the last 31 days, God has allowed me to reflect on how much I am truly trusting Him (or not). It has been a challenge that I did not expect when I signed up, but it has been an edifying challenge nonetheless.

Again, I pray that this series has been edifying, challenging, and encouraging to you as well.

So, let me know: Have any of the posts challenged you or encouraged you? How has God used this series to minister to you? What was your favorite quote from the 31 days?


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