Life in Lape Haven
Life in Lape Haven: The Laundry Sorting Game. When my preschooler wanted to play a game, but I needed to get laundry done, I came up with a new game that helps my son learn his color, matching, and an important life skill - all in one.

The Laundry Sorting “Game”

Now that Elijah is back in school, I am Josiah’s primary playmate, which means I’m back to doing housework with my little tag-along. While he does play well by himself when I need him to, I...

Life in Lape Haven: My First Blogiversary: Thoughts of My 1st Year of Blogging. As I celebrate the first anniversary of my blog, I'm sharing how much this unexpected path has blessed me.

My First Blogiversary

Last year on August 7, I hit “Publish” on what would be my first official post of my blog. While I had been adding content for a few weeks, it was the first day that my blog would actually...